Another point of view of Royan, yours!
The main beach of Royan is called "Grande Conche". The booths striped canvas blue and white are really tipical
View from the balcony of Casamodernista.

Your Hollidays at Royan


Royan is a singularly endearing city. At the same time popular seaside resort and exemplary urbanistic project of the modern movement. This wealthy nineteenth century resort was destroyed 80% in the bombing of January 5, 1945. If the great history will have cruelly marked the city that had to rebuild, the spirit of the post-war and the hopes of a new world, were the good fairies who presided over his renewal.


But urban planning and architecture are not the only attractions of this seaside destination located in the heart of the well-known "Côte de Beauté". You will find sandy beaches, cliffs, forests and ... air!


By spending your holidays in Casamodernista, you can discover the Charente-Maritime: La Rochelle, Rochefort, Saintonge or the islands of Oléron, Ré or Aix ... and why not venture to Cognac or Bordeaux ? The list of sites to discover is long and we ourselves have not finished making the rounds!



Notre-Dame from the "front de mer"


Conche of Nauzan, one of the many andlovely little baie you'll discover


The Port of l'Aiguille is quietly waiting for the tide


The Côte Sauvage, a 12,5 miles beach of fine sand.


Notre-Dame de Royan and the Temple steeple seen from the balcony of Casamodernista

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